Posted by: Clean Up the World | 15/04/2010

Communities Caring for Nature

The world we live in is an amazing place. From the deepest ocean depths to the highest mountain peaks, life is everywhere. Whilst estimates vary, the total number of species on this great planet of ours is about 13 million – with only about 1.75 million having been identified. Looking the enormous diversity of life, it’s hard not to feel awe.

International Year of Biodiversity

These diverse life forms are essential to our survival. They provide our food, our fuel, our medicines and our livelihoods. And if just one species suffers a decline or disappears entirely, there’s a knock-on effect.

Unfortunately, much of life on this planet is under threat. In fact, it is disappearing off the planet today faster than at any other time in human history.

Our unsustainable methods of production and consumption, destruction of habitats, expanding cities, pollution, deforestation, and global warming are all contributing to the extinction of species.

As humans are responsible for this threat and will ultimately suffer if species are lost, it’s up to us to stop, look around, and act to protect and promote biodiversity in our place.

At Clean Up the World this year we’re celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity and calling for communities to care for nature. Join us and take local action to protect and promote biodiversity in your community.

We think our 18th year will be our best yet. Here’s why.

Clean Up the World 2010 Theme - Communities Caring for Nature

Clean Up the World 2010 Theme

The Clean Up the World campaign is held in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). That makes us, and our participants, part of a global network with access to the best information and resources and the ability to use them to carry out environmental activities.

In over 120 countries around the world, an estimated 35 million people like you will be volunteering for a Clean Up the World group and doing their bit to conserve biodiversity in their communities. If you participate in this year’s campaign your group might be planting trees, cleaning up a park or beach, recycling waste, conserving water or undertaking environmental awareness raising or education initiatives.

To help, we’ll supply your group with information and resources to help plan, promote, gain support and volunteers for your activity. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by the global network of people who, like you, have joined Clean Up the World to do something positive for the planet.

However, we won’t be telling you what activities your group should undertake – it’s up to your community to decide. That’s because we believe you know best what needs to be done to help care for nature in your space.

You can keep us up to date and find out about all the activities being undertaken in support of Clean Up the World by visiting

I look forward to learning about your creativity, your energy and your ability to mobilise your community for the benefit of the planet and us all.

Wherever in the world you are, if your group has conducted any environmental activities in your community, we’d love to hear about them.

And have you join Clean Up the World this year.

Ian Kiernan AO


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